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Business Idea:  Sober Adult Dance Clubs 

I have business ideas every day that I am not going to do anything with.  Instead of letting them die, I will post some here and maybe someone will find them and run with them.  

I am a mom and I don’t drink and I find that there are relatively few events that are designed for adults who don’t drink.  

I have not been to a dance club since I quit drinking.  But there are plenty of adults out there that don’t drink and who may love to go out and dance and have a great time with friends without worrying about being around a large number of drunk people.  

My idea is that there is food and a ton of tasty non-alcoholic drink options. Margaritas, smoothies, kombucha, seltzer waters, coffee, tea,  fancy artisan syrups, etc… There would be a dance floor and… maybe even an attached room where there is a daycare for kids to hang out for an hour or two while adults dance.  There could be themed nights like Halloween costume night, prom night, formal night, salsa, swing, etc… and even dance classes for adults.  

During the day it could serve more coffee, tea, and put tables over the dance floor.  Then in the afternoon the tables could be put away and the dance floor opened up.  

If you have seen a club like this, drop a comment with the name so I can check it out! 

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