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 Do you have a Chiara Magni Original yet?

I am teaming up with Chiara Magni because I LOVE her art.  She is a world renowned oil painter and her art is featured in galleries in the US and in Europe. 

This piece by Chiara reminds me of strawberry lemonade and a hot summer day.  The colors and textures on this piece are so striking.   

Chiara says this about her art:

“We are not perfect, our relationships are not perfect, our bodies are not perfect, so many aspects of our life are not.

“So what drives us to move forward, what drives us to get out of bed every day? What drives us to still believe in love? What drives us to work hard to achieve our dreams?

“The emotions!

“The desire to feel alive.”

And I really love this message.  

Reach out to her if you have questions:

24”x24” and $1700.  

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